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Welcome to Full-Torque, where we specialize in permanent thread replacement.  On this site you will find the parts and tools you need to do it yourself, or the contact information to have us do it for you.

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How is Full-Torque so different from all other thread repair products?

Full-Torque thread repair inserts provide a completely new solution to stripped and cracked bolt holes. No other thread repair method even comes close to the strength and durability you will realize when you install our inserts. Full-Torque thread inserts have a patented external thread style called Spiralhook TM. This is a revolutionary new concept that makes our thread repair inserts the very best in the world.

Cracked bolt holes are now easily repaired and strengthened. Head bolt holes, main bearing bolt holes, starter motor bolt holes, the uses are endless. All bolts and other thread designs create radial spreading force when tightened. This frequently leads to cracked and stripped bolt holes in machinery parts.

When a Full-Torque thread insert is installed into a cracked bolt hole in cast iron, the crack is automatically drawn together and reinforced by the radial drawing ability of the Spiralhook threads on the outside of the insert. As the insert is tightened into the hole that is threaded with a special tap, the insert is pulled upward and engages the upper side of the threads with the negative hook angle on the insert with the matching bottom side of the threads in the threaded hole. As it is tightened the surrounding metal is drawn inward and deeper into to the Spiralhook threads.

When the fastener is torqued into the insert the drawing force increases and the insert is held tight against the threads in the tapped hole. This results in solving the cause of the cracked bolt hole because all forces are now directed inward which strengthens the surrounding metal instead of weakening it the way the bolt did and other repair inserts do. 

Our spark plug thread repair inserts won’t come out the next time the plugs are changed and will outlast the engine. We have the only spark plug inserts for aluminum cylinder heads that are made of aluminum and are hard anodized for strength and durability. No other thread insert can create a liquid and pressure tight seal between the thread insert and the surrounding metal. Full-Torque inserts can withstand 3000 psi hydraulic pressure seal on the external threads. We have the only true pipe thread repair inserts capable of creating a better than new seal on both threaded surfaces. 

Our motto is “Fix it and Forget it”.  Coil type inserts can only fix a simple stripped hole and tend to be temporary at best. Other solid and key locking threaded inserts are made from very soft steel and have incomplete external threads and usually fail to provide a pressure tight seal around the outside threads and many have a reputation for coming loose and backing out the next time the fastener is removed. That won’t happen with Full-Torque thread repair inserts and plugs and they look really good after they’re installed. Many US engine manufacturers use Full-Torque to solve the most demanding bolt hole failure problems in their remanufacturing operations.

We also use the same size tap for many different internal thread sizes. Our FT4 size will install 10mm x 1.5, 11mm x 1.5, 3/8-16, 3/8-24, 7/16-14, and 7/16-20 inserts so they actually cost less than all other inserts when you stock a variety of sizes.  

Say goodbye to damaged bolt hole problems forever!

Full-Torque is a product of LOCK-N-STITCH Inc, the world leader in cast iron repair.
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