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Ford Triton
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Ford Triton Spark plug blowout

Now approved by Ford Motor Company.
You can read further information on our Ford thread insert products here:
Ford Triton Instructions.pdf (350KB)
Ford Technical Service Bulliten.pdf (52KB)

Many owners of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles have experienced “spark plug blow out” while driving. Full-Torque has worked with Ford to develop a thread repair insert capable of making a permanent repair solution that will not affect the performance of the engine. While all manufacturers of aluminum cylinder heads experience stripped threads from time to time, the Ford Triton spark plug threads have had a higher incidence of failure than others.

Prior to the development of the Full Torque hard anodized aluminum thread repair inserts for aluminum cylinder heads,  repairs were attempted with solid and coil type thread inserts made of steel or stainless steel. The problem with these old technologies is that they simply cannot transfer heat well enough to meet the demands of late model computerized engines with aluminum cylinder heads. By installing a hard anodized aluminum Full-Torque thread repair insert, the repaired spark plug hole becomes better than new and will not fail again. This insert allows torquing the new spark plug in at twice the torque as the factory spark plug assuring that the new plug will not work its way loose again.


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